Encouragement for Monday

Mondays are rough sometimes. As a 25 year old with a college major I can’t use in the real world, Mondays can be a reminder that another week is starting and I am working a job that I don’t like, and life isn’t turning out like I planned.

Its terrifying to realize you’re getting older, and not using your  talents and abilities to their full potential.

This used to get me down, making days miserable. Making me feel like I was never going to go anywhere, that I would be in the same position until was old, and then be another adult with an unfulfilled life.

I was recently inspired, however. I met an older lady, who let me know she would be quitting her purchasing job soon, as she had been going back to school to be a nurse. Pursuing her lifelong dream at age 40.

I have time, energy and all the resources I need, and am still young. There are free online programs, people, social media groups, all available to help on my journey. All it takes is courage, time and effort.

Now, Mondays are a new opportunity. To start over. A new week! To try new things, explore new hobbies, make new memories. Find what I want to do, and then find out how to make it into a career.

I know that a lot of 20-somethings that struggle with this. Not knowing what to do with their life, having a degree they can’t use. Being afraid to try new things because they’re not sure where it will take them.

Don’t get feel like you’re stuck somewhere just because its where you are today. There are always opportunities and places to go, and ways to get there. All it takes is courage, and effort.

Every day can be one step closer. And today, is a new day, we can be courageous together. Happy Monday.


7 thoughts on “Encouragement for Monday

  1. Ahhh…give yourself a BIG Hug! You deserve it for being able to gather your thoughts so far, and continue your journey headed to your true north. You may have an off day and think that what you’ve accomplished so far in life is not getting you very far…yet, but I promise you that everything you’ve accomplished since you took your first breath is moving you along your path. I have nary a clue what you have a degree in, but I’m sure it’s one of your many springboards to success.

    You are absolutely right that you have many more opportunities today, then older folks had yesterday. They are a culmination of the people way back who went about solving “pain points” so that we living in this day and time could experience abundance, not lack. The word “yet” is a very important word. At 61, I’m still using it. It leaves the window of opportunity open. Step a little closer to the window so that you can see the view through its current frame. If you don’t like the view, change the frame!

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  2. Its ok to swing hard and land on your face, even if it feels like over and over again. One hit can make the biggest difference in a game and get the momentum rolling back in your favor. Keep swinging. You’re bound to get a hit sooner or later!

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