When Danger 5 inspires

This year, I’m trying to better myself in different ways. Be intentional, make life what I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been doing more of things that I enjoy, reading, writing, I started taking computer coding classes, (its kind of like puzzles!) and gathering more skills so I can switch careers into something I love.

I wanted to learn at least one foreign language, maybe two or even three. There are so many great free online resources, and having the skills is so beneficial! I loved the show Danger 5 (this says so much about me), and was immediately inspired to learn Russian.

I started the Duolingo course, and then realized the whole alphabet is in Cyrillic! Oh no! I can’t read these squiggles! But I’m not giving up, not on this one! I won’t give in so easily!

Has anyone learned Cyrillic and Russian around here? Any suggestions for mastering this new challenge?


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