Why You Need to Read the Witcher book series

I love the game Witcher 3. It is a great adventure game, and the story had me right away.

As a lot of people don’t know, the Witcher games are based off of a Polish book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series contains two standalone books of short stories, “The Last Wish” and “The Sword of Destiny” as well as multiple other books, containing one continuous story that follows the path of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennifer.

These books are amazing. Even if you aren’t in to the Witcher games, these are amazingly written and intelligently crafted fantasy books. The short stories collections, especially the Sword of Destiny, were my favorite. The writing style is magnificent and creative, and Sapkowski creates a beautiful and mysterious world that’s easy to get lost in.

I haven’t finished the whole story of Geralt and Ciri yet, as the last book, “The Lady of the Lake” has not finished being translated into English. It’s coming this March to stores in the US, and I can’t wait!

These are great books. Whether you love the Witcher games and want to get more into the world, and know more about the characters, creatures and story, or if you are just looking for a good read, these are  for you. I recommend starting with “The Sword of Destiny.” It has short stories of some of Geralt’s earliest adventures.


Have you read the Witcher series? What did you think?


9 thoughts on “Why You Need to Read the Witcher book series

    1. It is! And there’s so much stuff in the game that they’ll talk about and its like “aha! I understand that reference!” The’ll talk about stories and stuff from the books, and they’ll even be missions based off of stories from the books too. Its so much more enjoyable once you’ve read them!!

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  1. I’m so happy more people are starting to get into the books. The games are great, but there’s so much history and lore that are in the books. Yennefer and Geralt’s relationship means much more in the games when you’ve read what they’ve gone through.

    And they’re fantastic.

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      1. I happened to read the first couple after I played Witcher 2, and since I live in America, it took ages for them to be released here. I think there’s only one more and my collection will be complete.

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      2. I couldn’t remember if it was March or May. I’ll have to look it up either way. I’m so excited. 🙂


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