Knowledge is Power: Five Ways Reading Can Improve Your Life

Books are fun. There are so many different types of literature available, written by authors of all ages and genders, with all sorts of tastes and diverse writing styles.
There are books written yesterday, and books written 1,000 years ago, such as
The Odyssey by Homer, which are still relevant today. So many books, so little time.

I know that I get busy, and with work, family, and other hobbies, and sometimes I don’t find time in my schedule to sit down and get lost in a novel.

Here are just a few reasons why we all should get in the habit of enjoying a good book more often:

  • Reading Builds Vocabulary and Improves Writing Skills

If you read a lot, you may be able to recognize and therefore utilize good writing skills, word choices, and ideas that you find in other author’s works. A good book will also introduce new words, and seeing them in context can help with comprehension, and as well as spelling, sentence structure, and grammar. The larger your vocabulary, the more articulately and expressively you will be able to convey your thoughts on paper. Furthermore, different styles of books will expose you to diverse writing styles, which will give you creative ideas to draw from in the future for your own writing. 

  • Reading Helps With Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Relaxing with a book for only 10 minutes can completely relieve tension in the body. When you escape into a book, your mind and body have the ability to relax while it exists in another place and time. This can be the ultimate way to unwind and forget about the anxiety around you, as reading lowers stress levels more quickly than other tension reducers, like cooking, listening to music or working out. 

  • Reading is a Brain Workout, and May Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

When you read, your memory increases, as you are training your brain to retain the ideas and words you are seeing on the page. A new research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found that reading may slow or even completely prevent the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, since your brain is constantly engaged. Reading forms new pathways in the brain, which strengthens existing memories as well as creates new ones. A good book also improves your analytical and critical thinking skills, which are involved as you analyze the story, put the plot together, understanding the characters, and so on. 

  • Reading Improves Concentration

Picking up a book requires your complete focus and attention in one place. In our world of social media, text messages and 5-minute attention spans, it’s easy to lose focus, which greatly decreases productivity. Reading can improve concentration and help you stay focused for longer. 

  • Reading Provides Knowledge and Builds Imagination

You can learn anything from books! Skills for life, interesting facts about individuals, or would you just like to take a trip to a new world? There are millions of books, to learn about anything and expand your imagination. A big imagination can help cultivate problem solving skills, and open the door for new opportunities and ideas. And as we know, knowledge is power!

What about you? What are some books that you are reading? Do you have any reading goals at this time?

20 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power: Five Ways Reading Can Improve Your Life

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I had a rather lackadaisical / haphazard approach to reading until I decided a couple of years ago to start tracking how many books I actually read in a year and my opinion of them. I discovered that (1) I read more than I thought I did, (2) now that I’m tracking them, I’m reading even more (perhaps I’m just a little bit competitive 😉 ), (3) I’m more mindful of what I’m reading to ensure I can express my opinion of whether or not I really liked it … and why.

    Reading is the cheapest form of travel I know! 🙂

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    1. It’s true!! I’m trying to read at least a half hour a day. Which is a lame goal, but achievable and at least it’s something, when I don’t set goals I don’t do it at all! I always learn so much too, and knowing it’s good for me always helps, of course!

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      1. Thirty minutes a day is not a lame goal at all. I think reading is like exercise. The hard part is getting started, but once you do, you end up spending longer at it than you thought 🙂

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  2. Some books are fun to read too. At the moment I am dipping my toe back into childhood with Roald Dahl.
    Love reading. So much to read, so little time !
    Thankyou Hannah for the follow of my blog. Blessings on your journey through this life 🙂

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