Which Video Games Shaped Your Childhood?

I have always appreciated video games. My involvement with the online community didn’t begin but only a couple years ago, and I have really enjoyed the interesting people and comradery of online gaming. Here are a few games that shaped the way I look at gaming today, and got me interested in video games when I was young:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Ah, the intriguing and mysterious Carmen Sandiego. I wanted to be like her. She was so good at being bad! This was the beginning of my interest in spies, mysteries, and games such as L.A. Noire.

Pokémon Gold

Of course, Pokémon on the Gameboy Color. A childhood love that has never died. I just received Pokémon Moon for Christmas this year! I also have Pokémon print tights that I wear proudly in public. I will always love Pokémon.

Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot

This was the first alien game I ever played, beginning my lifelong passion for games like Xcom2 and Dead Space (okay, Math Blaster to Dead Space may be a bit of a stretch.) This is a learning game, where you play an astronaut and solve math equations to get about in space to save your little alien friend who was kidnapped by the evil trash Martian.

Street Fighter 2

We had a babysitter who allowed us to play Street Fighter 2 while we were at her house. Thus began my love with fighting games such as Mortal Kombat  and of course, The Street Fighter series. I just mashed buttons, of course, as a 5-year-old, but this made winning so much more celebratory!

Age of Empires 2

I adored Age of Empires 2. Building armies, attacking enemy cities, taking over the world! With all the different playable civilizations, diverse resources to gather and buildings to construct, it was such an exciting venture. I am now playing Civilization 6 non-stop, it reminds me so much of Age of Empires 2.

Goldeneye 007

I was terrible at this game. I was always dropping my gun and had to resort to slapping my attacker. Every time I see this game being played it brings back great memories of the splendid game I was awful at. I enjoy first person shooters now, Like Rainbow Six Siege, and they are much more intense than they were back then, that’s for sure!

What about you? What were some video games that you loved when you were young?

15 thoughts on “Which Video Games Shaped Your Childhood?

  1. I remember playing the original Space Invaders on an Atari hooked up to my tv as very young kid, maybe 5 or 6. Sat there for way too many hours and couldn’t get that menacing blip blip blip sound that kept getting faster and faster out of my head that night. Just laid there half-asleep, half-awake, brain totally fried and frazzled.

    As an adult, my favorite game was Caesar III, a city building game that was just the coolest thing ever and totally addictive. Loaded it on the PC in the afternoon and just couldn’t stop, pulled an all-nighter, going to bed at dawn. Ridiculous!

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  2. Video games that shaped my childhood:

    1. Pokemon Gold Version
    2. GoldenEye 007
    3. Perfect Dark
    4. Mario Kart 64
    5. Perfect Dark
    6. MechAssault

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  3. I was a pretty hardcore gamer, but have pretty much left the gaming world about five to six years ago. I still have very fond memories though. As for the games I played when I first started gaming. The original Doom. That one sparked my interest for first person shooters. The original Resident Evil. I still remember the moment where the dig jumped through the window. It was the only game where I seriously dropped my controller because of the jumpscare 😂 And last but not least: the first Driver. A great game that I played non-stop. Really enjoyed this post, always cool to think back on things from time to time 😊

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  4. Yes! Pokemon! I remember getting Pokemon Blue and it was love at first sight, and I got at least one game per generation (also got Moon when it came out!)

    Other than that I was also a massive fan of Spyro, and Rollercoaster Tycoon was my first “build and create”-kind of game which I also fell in love with immediately!


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  5. The first system I played on was a BBC, I remember playing Galaxian on it and in called Philosopher’s Quest (text adventure, had no idea what I was doing). But the NES and PC is where I played the majority of my games. Mario, Zelda, Turtles (damn that game!), Flashback, X-Wing. I played pretty much anything I could get my hands on! Not much has changed really!

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  6. countless hours spent playing Perfect Dark 64 (made by the same team that did Goldeneye but improved upon…many features that are common in FPS today showed up in that game)…also played Escape from Wolfenstein on my old DOS computer so much that I learned how to beat the game using just the knife…Zelda OOT…funny that i came across this today, i just got off the phone with my sister telling her how amazing Breath of the Wild looked. i don’t have much time or money for games these days, but I did just start the original Half-Life and it is blowing my mind

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