3 Reasons Why I’m In Love With Postcrossing (And You Can Be Too!)

I started Postcrossing about a month ago, and I am so happy that I did! I have been having so much fun with it. Not only is getting postcards from all over the world a one-of-a kind experience, but sending postcards is also rewarding, knowing you are connecting with someone across the world.

If you aren’t sure what Postcrossing is, it is an online project that allows its members to send and receive postcards all around the globe. The project’s tag line is “send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!” Here are three reasons why I am in love with Postcrossing, and you can be too!

A New Experience

A Beautiful Postcard I Received From Hong Kong

First of all, Postcrossing adds a different type of experience to our regular day-to-day routine. It allows us to connect with people across the world who are in different types of communities, and have different hobbies, different family structures, and different likes, dislikes and social experiences than us. These are people that we would never come in contact with otherwise, and connecting with them can help expand our worldview. We also get to discover new cities, islands and locations that we have never heard of! Getting a postcard from a country you never knew existed is an experience in itself.  It is a little like traveling, and gives us a sense of discovery.

Each Card Is Unique

A few postcards from this month, from Belaras, Germany and France

I read a few gripes about Postcrossing when I started, such as: “I receive way more mail from Russia, Germany, and China then I receive from anywhere else!” and “Sometimes I receive cards that are blank, or just say, “Happy Postcrossing!” Its true, not everyone has the same dedication to Postcrossing, but the pros outweigh the cons. And yes, there are some countries that are more heavily involved in Postcrossing than others, so you will be receiving more cards from Germany than you will be from Christmas Island. No matter where you receive from, each postcard is different, and coming from a new, unique person who thought of you especially when the they picked the postcard, wrote on it and mailed it. Every card is special! This month, I received two postcards from Russia, two from Germany, one from France, Belarus, Hong Kong, India, and Turkey. Every card was different and so exciting to receive. I also sent 24 postcards, to Canada, China, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, Belarus ,and Belgium. It is always fun to read each Postcrosser’s bio, choose a postcard that you think they would like, and write a note to them personally. Pen-pals and direct swaps (sending postcards back and forth between two people) can also be arranged through messaging on Postcrossing if you make a new friend and want to correspond directly with them!

It’s Free

My Postcrossing Box (And My Co-Pilot, Archer)

Ready to have your mind blown? Signing up at http://www.postcrossing.com its absolutely free. I’m actually still blown away by this. Most pen-pal websites have a signup charge, and some even have a monthly fee. Postcrossing is supported by donors, and has over 670,000 members worldwide.  There are individual expenses that have to be covered with Postcrossing, such as postcards and stamps. The cost of international mail differs by county, but postcards are always cheaper in bulk. This animal box of 100 postcards was $4.98 on clearance at http://www.Amazon.com, and I bought a ton of these beautiful postcards of my home state for nine cents each on sale at Walgreens.

So are you interested? Sign up! Like I said, its free. If you don’t love it, you can stop anytime. You can always deactivate your account, even if you just want to take a break for awhile! Also, it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. If you only want to send one or two a month, that’s okay! As many as you send out, that’s as many as you’ll get back! Its as easy as that!  So, what are you waiting for?

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