Attack On Titan

There are different types of nerds in the world. The older I get, somehow, I am getting more nerdy. 

My new obsession is the Japanese anime “Attack on Titan,” an amazing show about humans living within a walled city who have to protect themselves from the giants living outside the wall. As of 2015 a live action movie was made, check out the poster for it below. It soon may be remade as an American film by Warner Bros, who are tying to obtain the rights. (Read more about that here)

Yes, I have turned into an anime person. There’s something I never thought would happen. What’s next? Who knows…

7 thoughts on “Attack On Titan

  1. Attack on Titan is seriously awesome. One of the best anime series I have seen to date. A great story, fantastic characters, and a really tense atmosphere 😊 I would avoid the live action movie though (there are actually two of them), as they are simply not as hood as the Animeseries. If you are interested I did a review for both movies on my own blog. Have fun with the anime though, glad you are enjoying the series 😊

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  2. I’ve seen a couple lol- not this particular offering. should get to it 🙂 – I suppose if i can sit through dersa uzala – a period color kurosawa film i can manage it 😀 – as to anime i enjoyed most the non dubbed subtitled galaxy express 0000 which for a time only had 2- some subtitled out it’s still youtubeable, both please series teach and twins gawd cheap anime LOVE TRASH and i liked it boo on me do throw popcorn too I like the stuff. probably about the most fun was the robot as a character in seven samarai- the kurosawa is epic too. however can you tollerate les mondes englouti that’s an old french one frrom eighty three yes it exists dubbed as spartakus and the sun beneath the sea — or the secret world of og a made for tv movie anime from australia about the same time both again are youtubable… but without fail the best if you can find a copy book is, shipwrecks akira yoshimura it…well you’ll see ;D it’s NOT expected 😀 and it hits like a ton of bricks :D. but before you anime out entirely old japan and less old japan 😀 loudness thunder in the east album – crazy nights if you can not do 80’s metal which is fair or yoshida brother’s the rising which is some serious shamisen action and a fun song too. or if you can allow some serious nerdery, isao tomita mars. it’s an interesting take on gustov holst’s the planets suite mars.

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