Shortie: It’s Okay To Be An Introvert

I’m an introvert. I enjoy the online blogging community because I can make friends and don’t have to go outside.

The biggest problem I have created for myself in this is isolation. I would rather build walls made out of books, tv shows, and video games and be alone, than risk the rejection I may receive if I try to meet new people.

But, it’s dangerous to build walls, to be alone. And to feel alone. Living in a world by yourself can lead to loneliness and depression over time. Human connections are essential to growth.

So let’s start small. Say “hello!” to three people today. Go shopping in a store instead of online. And next time someone asks you out, say yes!

Make connections in online communities. Try out Postcrossing or find a penpal, and connect with people around the world via snail mail. Most importantly, make real, human interactions with people that can see, feel, and understand you.
Open up your world and let people in.

Don’t feel alone. Because you never are.

4 thoughts on “Shortie: It’s Okay To Be An Introvert

  1. Wow, your posts are getting better and better, and they were already great to begin with 😊 You are so right though. Nobody can do things alone, even though there are unfortunately still people out there who seem to think so. One of my best friends took a long time to realise this, but she seems to be accepting that now, and is asking more help with things. Also nobody should ever feel scared to risk reaching out to people. Yes, you might run the risk of getting hurt, but on the other hand you might risk to never meeting someone great. And that in my opinion is a loss that is even worse. Great post ! 😊

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