Shortie: The Cats of Disneyland

My favorite thing about the weekends is that I get to hang out with my cats. They are always so happy to see me. Probably. Or they are just happy that I am there, and they can potentially steal food off of my plate more than usual.

I think I was destined to be a crazy cat lady, but there was a glitch in the matrix and I was blessed with my very wonderful husband instead. So, that’s a plus.

This is a shortie for anyone who loves cats, or loves Disneyland. Most people know that there are feral cats that roam around in Disneyland to keep the rodent population under control. (That’s what they say because it sounds pretty bad to say ELIMINATE THE MICE since the whole park is about a mouse.)

I found this rad Instagram page this morning, called @disneylandcats, that posts pictures of the feral cats that live in Disneyland. They are very well kept, and even all named! Some are absolutely beautiful!

Its pretty cute, and if you love cats, it will make you smile this morning.

Happy Saturday. Kiss your cat today.