Shortie: 5 Great Words

Happy Weekend! Today, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite words with you.


Adverb, meaning swiftly, or unexpectedly. This is always a great word, and when you see it in a book, you know something exciting is about to happen. “She was alone in the house,¬†when suddenly…there was a noise in the hallway!”


Adjective, meaning extremely foolish or stupid. I think this is just a fun word to say. Instead of “you’re being dumb” You can say “You are demonstrating extremely asinine behavior.” Its wonderful.


Noun, meaning a large amount of something. Can be used in place of “a lot” and it sounds much more sophisticated. “There is a plethora of laundry to be folded.”


Noun, good fortune, making a valuable discovery you weren’t looking for. “Its so serendipitous to see you here after all these years!” This word just sounds sweet and happy, no wonder its describing good luck!


Noun, a word that’s name mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to. For example, the words “bark” and “munch.”


What are some of your favorite words?