Shortie: Family Goals

I went to this Oregon Coast this weekend with my husband, my parents, my three sisters and their other halves.

It’s strange to see my sisters that I have grown up with aging so amazingly, now that I’m 25 and married, my oldest sister almost 30 with 3 kids, a handsome husband and beautiful life, yet it seems like only yesterday that we were 6 years old playing in mud puddles out back my parents country home.

My parents had a wonderful time, having all their kids and son-in-laws (and son in law to be) together for the short time.

I imagine that must be the best feeling in the world. Seeing everything you have worked for your entire life come to fruition, and the people you have invested in being so happy.

It was a great weekend, and I hope I am as blessed that I will be able to see that from my own family one day.

Cloudy but still beautiful.