Shortie: Why Civilization 6 is the perfect game for anyone

Civilization 6. I played my brains out when I first got Civ 6. I became the embodiment of everything people hate about nerd culture. I spent 10 hours each day of the weekend sitting in front of my PC eating nothing but goldfish and sprite.

This game is great because there are so many ways to play, and so many ways that you can choose to advance your civilization. I love watching my civ grow before my eyes. There are also 5 completely different ways to win the game. Culture victory, science victory, religious victory, domination victory, and score victory . Depending on which you focus on advancing in your civ, museums for culture, research facilities for science, barracks and armorys for domination and so on, this will depend on how your civ grows and advances towards victory in this area.

This is a turn based game, which is great because turn based games are not stressful. You can go away for awhile and come back and not have missed anything, and always stop to review rules and so on whenever needed.  Civ 6 also has the option to play with your friends online, or just with AI opponents.

Civ 6 is easy to play. Alien games are my favorite, so I bought Civ: Beyond Earth and was very disappointed. The research tree was very complicated and I was farming and advancing things I didn’t understand. Okay, I know it was a space game, but having no knowledge of how to play or what i was doing it made things difficult and not fun.

Civ is great, especially if you don’t have a lot of time,  or are just getting into PC gaming. Anyone of any age can play this game, it is enjoyable, challenging and fun.