First thoughts: The For Honor open beta

Let’s talk about For Honor. I have been excited for this game since I saw this first trailer a few months ago, but didn’t really know what to expect. I was kind of anticipating just another boring hack and slash game, but was pleasantly surprised.

I played the beta for the first time last night, teaming up with a couple good friends online. We stuck mainly to the dominion style of the game, where you capture the objectives. It was a bit frustrating at first, when you’re working out the unusual game controls, and trying to find the best character for yourself. I got murdered plenty of times, and we lost our first few matches by 600 points or so.

There are three different factions, and three classes in each faction. The one I found my niche with was the Viking berserker. She is armed with two axes, was fast, agile, and all around awesome.

Once you get a hang of the game, it is fun, and awesome to play. The game requires a lot of teamwork, capturing points, everyone not being in the same place at once, reviving downed teammates, and so on. I can see how non-communicative teammates could be frustrating, and make the game less enjoyable.

The game is aesthetically attractive, and the characters creative, each class handling differently. The movement: fighting, running, climbing, is all very fluid. It’s a fun game to watch and play. The loot system is also neat, you get stuff at the end of each battle you win, as well as coin to buy upgrades and so on.

The matches can be difficult starting out, and the controls are much different than most fighting games. But, once you master the basics: blocking, attacking and helping your team, the game is a blast. Also, since this game is hard, the kills are especially satisfying, and slicing an enemy’s head off after a long fight is gross, but very awesome.

The beta is free on steam currently, and the full game comes out on February 14th. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Have you played For Honor yet? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “First thoughts: The For Honor open beta

  1. I’m not especially good at fighting games,but I have to say that I became addicted to the game. Of course i died a ton of times, but the feeling of chopping of other players heads is so gratifying. Ok now for each mode:
    Dominion: I could hardly get into a this mode because it took for ever to find people. I watched a lot of videos about it so I’m pretty sure that I’ll like it when it comes out.
    4v4 Death matches: These were really fun to play. Everyone started off across from some opponent then the chaos began. Now this was the least honorable mode out of them all. After you killed your opponent, you would need to run over and help your allies. If you didn’t execute your opponent,then the other team could revive them. Seems simple enough, but then you throw in buffs. There were oversheilds, speed boost, attack boost, and health boost on the map. So if your opponent wanted to start off unfairly,they would run for one of these at the beginning. Some people would just immediately run to help their teammates without even trying to fight their own fight.
    2v2 brawl: This was a very honorable mode to play. Of course you would have teams that would double team you every now and then, but for the most part everyone was civilized. I actually got to practice my skills vs real players and learn some things. The only downfall to this mode was the downfall. I mean each map would have one member of your team start bext to a cliff or bridge. If you pushed the enemy off then that’s great, but it’s a 50/50 shot. Other than that, i met the most honorable people in this mode. At one point me and an enemy stood beside each other while watching our allies fight. Then we would walk in after they died.
    1v1 Duels: This is where you hone your pvp skills. I learned the most about timing from this mode. You also get the chance to learn how to fight specific characters like the conqueror for instance.
    All in all, I really love playing this game. I just need to learn how to add and find friends. This was all a solo experience for me.

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    1. Well said! Dominion was definently my favorite, I just had bad experiences playing the brawl modes. Really bad server issues the last couple days though but only two more days until the full game!!


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